Our products focus on thermal imaging and ballistic computations. With a strong background in research and development and a broad range of intellectual property in these areas, we are able to adapt to customers needs and offer the best package for your application.

Raubtier – thermal imaging devices

Our growing range of thermal imaging devices cover operating distances from short to long range. All devices are designed for flawless operation and best in class usability.

Key features
  • 640x480 or 320x240 resolution at 60Hz
  • shutterless adaptive non-uniformity correction
  • compact and lightweight system design
  • adaptive local contrast enhancement
  • image capturing with USB download

For observation tasks, there is not more to do than turning-on our thermal imager. The integrated intelligence will adjust the camera’s parameters to provide a naturally looking image (similar to that of a b&w camera). No information gathered by the sensor will get lost in an over- or under-exposed image representation.

Image colorization (white-hot, black-hot, false colours) or picture capturing are easily accessed by push buttons, whereas a more experienced user may use the well-structured device menu to access reticle setup or advanced image enhancement settings.

The line-up of our thermal imaging cameras is distinguished by sensor and objective size, which directly relates to a device’s working range.

  • *) Detection range for human sized target (dependent on athmospheric conditions)
  • TS: Thermal Sight (with reticle and stadimeter)
  • TV: Thermal View (without reticle)
Sensor Size Objective Size
17mm 25mm 75mm 100mm
320x240 340m* / 34° FOV
Q4 2013
500m* / 23° FOV
in production
1500m* / 7.5° FOV
Q4 2013
on special request only
640x480 500m* / 45° FOV
Q4 2013
750m* / 31° FOV
Q4 2013
2200m* / 10.5° FOV
Q4 2013
2950m* / 7.8° FOV
Q2 2014
we are currently working on it
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Personal Ballistic Systems – stopp guessing

The scope mounted personal ballistic computer is the most sophisticated optics-integrated ballistic system on the market. Adaptable to a broad range of rifle scopes, the device will boost your first time hit probability significantly.

Key features
  • no need to count clicks, set range to target directly with the scopes elevation knob
  • multiple user specified cartridges supported
  • considers ambient conditions for range to target and windage
  • measure range to target with an appropriate reticle (MSR recommended)
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Engineering Solutions & IP – reach further

With our broad portfolio of intellectual property and our design expertise we are able to rapidly adjust our products to customer’s needs or offer comprehensive engineering solutions. All our products are developed in-house by a team of dedicated engineers, covering the complete design flow from construction to electronic and software design.

vhf defence engineering solutions
  • Product customization and branding
  • Modules
  • Intellectual Property
  • Design and Development
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